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~Distorted Thought~

decided to make a new blog because i got bored to my old one's layout and name before i even wrote anything there :'D blogspot again because i find it easier to use than livejournal.
oh well. i'm going to write in english and about gothic lolita~ there's currently just a test post but i try to write something there asap and with photos of course.

and other things - i don't like MdM's new album x__x weird remixes of older songs? aargh. i think only "In Paradisum" is good... The Sect and The Seventh Veil are almost good but the first time i was listening to them i was just thinking that "oh i have already heard this somewhere?" .__. i like their new outfits though... but mana's mini skirt?… like what the hell... okay i like it.

but now! good night. it's already midnight in finland~
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please don't ask about the title, it's a pain to translate XD it's finnish~ and i can say that google translator won't help you :'D

oh well. school works, school works and more fucking school works. AND IT WAS RAINING LIKE HELL TODAY. at the moment too D: i'm studying graphic designing btw~
oh i can't to wait to next week! i will get my Moi-même-Moitié dress, i got it for 300 euros~ Iron Gate JSK ♥

i'm sorry i haven't got time to update anything, i try to get some photos next week if the weather is good and if i get someone to take photos~
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my health condition is currently very low.
physical condition isn't very good either.
it feels like i would be swallowing needles all the time, i'm not able to talk at all and it would be very nice if i could breath normally. and there's bones that get misplaced when i, for example, lift my hand or walk.

is that normal? i'd say no. and what pisses me off the most? i went to the doctor yesterday and she just said "i don't think it's needed to examine this" - nice isn't it? and they say finland has very good health services

i don't currently feel like using dictionary so there may be typos o/
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i broke my laptop.
it didn't like energy drink.
stupid laptop, you have no taste.
not funny, i'm fucking serious 8< :'D
i kinda broke my phone too! but nevermind, it still works or something... and looks gorgeous! *_________* i love it ♥

oh well.
i don't know when i get all those photos here XD
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sorry i've been lazy :'D no new photos, drawings or anything... but maybe tomorrow, because i'm going to tracon with my friend antti... 2 hours in a train, from järvenpää to tampere at the morning (6:46) with him, it'a a suicide XDD and i have to wake up 3:30 :''''DDD
oh and 21.7. i'm traveling to germany, austria and italy :3

asdfhjkl sorry i'm tired so i don't really know what i'm writing XD i have blue hair again! yay i go back to sleep... it's 13:48 in finland but anyway, i'm fucking tired D:

// just noticed that my mood is always "tired" in my journal entries........ ehehe. i sleep a lot...
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to tell what's up.
how i am? i'm fine and that's what i always say when somebody asks, though most of the time i'm depressed and sad, but right now, i'm fine, really 8D oh wait, well, i want to go to gender reassignment surgery (or what it is? google translator ♥) ! XD i have wanted to do that for about 2 years? :''DDD but really! i want! some of my friends doesn't even know if i'm a boy or girl (and i'm not telling you!) XD
well, i just feel happyyy for a long time. but enough of that! other things now XD

i'm going to cosplay Mashiro (vo. Oyuugi Wagamama-dan x 【PaRADEiS】) at tracon this year (3.-4.7.) if i get the cosplay ready XD i've been thinking a long time who to cosplay because i really need to do something else than just sit on the computer and get thinner and thinner which is weird because i don't exercise at all and eat just meat o___o like wtf my BMI is 15,24 XD
i'm going to post something new when the weather gets better and i'm able to take photos :3 aaand i've also drawn a lot lately but i don't know if i'm posting any of my drawings here XD
i should maybe update my blog too, haven't posted anything there yet XD but that would mean making make-up tutorials etc. and i'm lazy :'''DD aagh

and i'm sorry if there's any typos or bad english XD
oh, and feel free to add me as a friend on facebook if you want ->…
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um yeah. okay, ignore the title 8'D or then ->…
my bday is 11th day and i don't have school that day and that's why i'm happy but i'm not-so-happy because i must go to lahti (a city in the middle of nowhere x___x) because i want to design clothes! XD so, i have entrance exam (or whatthehell it is in english) there. and my parents aren't very happy if i'm going to study there because they think i'm going to die XDD like lol, wtf?

and there's a lolita meeting at saturday 8D going there with edith! ^__^ i hope it's not raining then D: and i hope i get my dress finished XD been lazy, yes.
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so i made a blog yesterday aaand it's still a bit under construction because i'm lazy :'''DD but there will be make-up tutorials and other things :3
but well yeah, i'm probably going to children's home (or what is it english.... that place where they put unwanted kids) because those fucking idiots in my school think that i don't go to school! o____o aaaaaargh so if that happens, just wait a bit over 2 years that i come back :'''DDD

... but anyway, here's what i was supposed to do;

1. Put shuffle on on your music player.
2. Answer every question with the name of the next song.
3. You have to, whatever the name is!
4. Tag 3 friends.
5. They should do the same.
6. Enjoy!

1) If somebody asks you "are you okay?", you answer...
Oreshiki HEART (PIECElang)

2) How would you describe yourself?
Prisoner (Jeffree Star)

3) What do you like in men/women?
Smash them (Twisted Clock)

4) How are you today?
Curious Nuance (Közi)

5) What is the meaning in your life?
Gothikaroid (Vidoll)

6) What's your motto?
Schranz K (DJ SiSeN)

7) What do your friends think about you?
Karma (UnsraW)

8) What do your parents think about you?

9) What do you think about often?
Color Me Blood Red (Malice Mizer)

10) How much is 2+2?
Gather Roses (SCREW)

11) What do you think about your best friend?
Murder Freaks (D'espairsRay)

12) What's your life story?
Garasu no umi (DIO ~distraught overlord~)

13) What do you want to be when you grow up?
Skinny ray (Administrator)

14) What do you think when you see your crush?
Little Ballerina (DaizyStripper)

15) What/how will you dance at your wedding?

16) What will be played at your funeral?
Egoistic World (Calmando Qual)

17) What is your hobby/point of interest?
Hair Cut Millennium (GOTHIKA)

18) What is your greatest fear?
Lunar Eclipse (HIZAKI grace project)

19) What's your greatest secret?

20) What do you want right now?
Without a Trace (the GazettE)

21) What do you think of your friends?
Sentimental PIGgy Romance (LM.C)

22) With what name will you publish this?
Pokerface (Lady GaGa) <--- LOL >:''''DDDDDD
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i have a HUUUUUUGE problem o;
i don't know WHO i want to cosplay D8

help me people! XD my ideas changes like 3 times a day D:
i'm going to bleach my hair again and i'm getting new hair extensions (+ i still have those black clip-on's 8D) this week and my mom already promised to help me with cosplay :'D
i've been thinking about cosplaying Ryonai (GPKISM) but i'm not sure? o_o


p.s. never laugh if you're wearing a corset .____. it hurts X'D

// EDIT: oh and the ryonai cosplay would be of GPKISM's Barathrum PV…
  • Listening to: the GazettE - Maximum Impulse
1.) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"Sanaa ihminen vastaa yksikössä a person, a human, a human being; monikossa ihmiset on people"

2.) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach?
Cure Vol. 67

3.) What is the last thing you watched on TV?
can't remember

4.) Without looking guess what time it is?

5.) Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?
19:24 o_o

6.) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
music! the gazette - maximum impulse

7.) When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
8:58, i was going to school n____n

8.) Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
lolita dresses *o*

9.) What are you wearing?
blaaaaaack! and a grey hoodie

10.) Did you dream last night?
i was dreaming of that hospital where i had been 2 months .__.

11.) When did you last laugh?
my cat looked silly ^____^ so i just had to laugh

12.) What are on the walls you are in?
antique mirror and........ a poster of AICLE! *o* ♥

13.) Seen anything weird lately?
dunno o_o

14.) What do you think of this quiz?

15.) What was the last film you saw?
umm, "shine" if i remember right

16.) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
clothes, A LOT of clothes and other stuff

17.) Tell me something about you that I don't know?
i like transvestites? oh well that's not new at all 8'D

18.) If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
no racism :3

20.) George Bush:

21.) Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
i don't want any children 8D

22.) Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
i don't still want any children

23.) Would you ever consider living abroad?
i would like to live in japan or uk *o*

24.) What do you want God to say when you reach the pearly gates?
no transvestites allowed :'D no, i don't believe in god
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  • Drinking: Fanta

i was hospitalized 14.10.-27.11. and got back home yesterday ^____^
i should finish one work but i'm too lazy right now :'D maybe tomorrow
  • Listening to: aicle. - neko no kiza mairi
[/] You are smaller than the other girls(/boys) of your age.
[/] You like pink or purple.
[x] You wear skirts.
[x] You love stuffed toys.
[ ] You have more than 100 stuffed animals.
[ ] Your pillow protector has flowers on it.
[x] You act younger than you are.
[x] You love fairy tales.
[x] People said that you are cute

Total: 6

[ ] You are waiting for a hero.
[ ] You believe in unicorns.
[ ] You believe in fairies.
[ ] You wanna be an angel.
[ ] You believed longer than the other children in Santa Claus.
[ ] You still believe in Santa Claus.
[ ] You have a princess bed.
[ ] Your bed has a canopy.
[ ] You always dressed as princess to carnival/Halloween.
[ ] You liked to put make up on as a child.

Total: 0

[x] You love Hello Kitty/Sanrio stuff.
[ ] You played with dolls.
[x] You owned a doll house.
[ ] People said that you look younger than you really are.
[ ] You owned or own rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas.
[x] You love animals.
[ ] You are romantic.
[x] You love moon shine.
[ ] When you get suddenly a kiss from a girl/boy you blush.
[ ] You blush when someone says s/he likes you.

Total: 4

[x] You love frills and ribbons on your clothes.
[x] You put stuff or real flowers in your hair.
[ ] You nearly always smile.
[x] You try to make people happy.
[ ] You respect your parents.
[x] You try to see the good in people and the world.
[ ] You have been called naive.
[ ] You have a unicorn poster.
[x] You like TV shows for children.
[x] You love Disney Movies.

Total: 6

[ ] You like books for children.
[/] You like movies with happy end.
[/] You are kind and behave good.
[ ] You are nearly never bitchy.
[ ] You like cute shoes.
[ ] You respect elders.
[x] You try to be good.
[ ] You cry when someone dies.
[ ] You get depressed by the evening news.
[ ] You can't watch scary movies.

Total: 2

[ ] You cry too when someone cries next to you.
[x] You like books with pictures in it.
[x] You love beautiful things.
[x] You have butterfly jewelry.
[ ] You draw flowers and butterflies in your school notebooks.
[ ] You love movies from the 50/60's.
[ ] You have been to Disney Land or World.
[x] You like amusement parks.
[ ] You have deer eyes.
[ ] When you ask your girlfriend or stepdad for something s/he always give it to you, cause you are everything for her/him...

Total: 4

[/] Adults like you.
[/] You love swings.
[ ] You are the eye apple of your grand parents.
[ ] You like to play skipping rope.
[ ] You like little children.
[ ] You enjoy to play with little children.
[ ] You still have your sticker collection.
[ ] You still have your glitter picture collection.
[ ] You have animal earrings.
[x] You love sweets.

Total: 2

[x] You love decorating the christmas tree.
[x] You are still curious what you will get as presents.
[ ] You wished for a ring from your girl/boy friend.
[ ] You love Swarowski stuff.
[x] You love everything that glitters and sparkles.
[ ] You're dreaming of a house with garden.
[ ] You wanna have a white wedding dress.
[ ] You love weddings.
[ ] You always jumps in the arms of your family/ friends when you meet them.
[x] You hold hands with your best friend

Total: 4

TOTAL: 28/70

i tag everybody who haven't done this yet~